Common Questions...

...Simple Answers

Q: How long will the LED's in my light strip last?

A: Typically, LED's are rated for 50,000+ hours of operation. That's 5 years 8 months and 15 days of 24/7 use.

Q: What is voltage drop?

A: Voltage drop is where the beginning of a run of flexible LED strip is brighter than at the end of the run. After about 25 feet you will notice a voltage drop. One way to minimize this is to split your runs to less than 25 feet. You can also plus 12 VDC power adapter at 25 foot intervals.

Q: What is an IP rating?

A: IP rating (ingress protection rating) classifies the degree of protection provided to electrical enclosures, in this case most commonly references to our LED strip lights. For a more detailed explanation, navigate to this page

Q: Do LED's have to "warm up" like other energy efficient lights?

A: Short answer, no. All LEDs, from LED kitchen lighting to outdoor LED fixtures are “instant-on” and “instant-off.” Anyone who has used halogen lights, fluorescent lights, or the smaller CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) will be familiar with the flickering, slow powering up of these other energy efficient lights. It is a common frustration. LEDs do not have this “warming up” problem, and reach full power and luminosity in a matter of milliseconds.

Q: Can LED's be dimmed?

A: Yep! All of our LED strip's can be attached to a dimmer . Our dimmers offer smooth, seamless dimming from 0% to full brightness as we all the ability to power the strip on and off all with the click of the remote. (Sold separately)

Q: Can the LED strip be cut or trimmed?

A: Absolutely. You can easily cut all of our LED strips with scissors or a utility knife. One thing to note is that the LED strips are wired in groups of 3, so you should cut between sets of 3 LEDs. The strip itself is marked at every section for easy cutting reference.

Q: Once cut, is the strip still waterproof?

A: If you cut it in the right way, it will still be weather resistant. It is recommended but not absolutely necessary to apply some silicon at the end of the cut section.

Q: Can the cut section of the strip be re-used?

A: Yes, every strip has a male and female connector at two end sides. Just choose the proper connector and you use the rest of your cut section. If the cut section has no connector, you can still  re-use the strip but basic soldering is required. (Video lessons can be found under the video section of our site).

Q: Which power adapter do I need for my strip?

To select the right 12V DC power supply to plug your strip with, you need to get the power consumption in watts of the strip you're going to use and plug in into this simple formula:

watts per foot multiplied by length of strip you're going to use in feet = watts needed

For a more detailed explanation, check out this page