How To Select the Right Power Adapter

Choosing the correct driver or transformer for your LED strip to plug into the wall, takes only a minute to figure out once you learn a simple formula. Lets begin...

The first thing you need to do is calculate the power consumption of the strip you're going to use. Use the table below as a reference. Under Type of Strip you will find the LED chip (3528, 5050) and the amount of LED's per 16.4' reel. The second column shows the amount of watts the strip needs to power up per feet.

LED Strip Power Consumption:

Type of Strip Watts Per Foot
3528 300 LED 1.5
3528 600 LED 3.0
3528 1200 LED 6.0
5050 150 LED 2.25
5050 300 LED 4.5

Ok, so now you know how much power the strip you've selected uses. It's time for some very basic math. I promise, it's easy!


watts per foot multiplied by length of strip you're going to use in feet = watts needed

Sample and Explanation:

So lets say you're interested in the 5050 300 LED strip. Whether it's waterproof or non waterproof, single color or RGB is not important. Let's also assume you need 25 feet of strip for your project. You multiply the watts per foot of your selected strip, in this case 4.5 by 25 giving you a result 112.5. We can now cruise on over to our Power Adapters section under Accessories and select a transformer that can handle 112.5 Watts or more from the drop down menu. In this case a 120 Watt driver. 

Small detail to note: It's recommended you select a power supply one step higher than the actual power consumption to not overload the transformer and cause it to malfunction. So say your strip power consumption was 105 Watts, the 108 Watts transformer would do but if on the other hand your consumption was 108 Watts+ you will then get the 120 Watt transformer.

That's it. You're done!