What are IP ratings?

IP rating or code (International Protection Rating) label and rate the damage or intrusions such as dust and water, a product is protected against. 

The LED strips we carry usually come in three different IP ratings. IP44, IP65 and IP68. Below is a simplified code breakdown of each:


IP44 -

Has no protective encasing. Not rain proof. Strip is resilient against wire or screw damage. It is not rain proof but water splashing will not short or damage the strip.

IP65 -

Has and epoxy glue encasing. Rain proof. It is completely protected against dust ingress and water pressure of 30 kPa from a 3 meter distance.

IP68 -

Has an epoxy resin encasing covered in a silicon tube. Immersible. It is completely protected against dust ingress and water. Can be submerged into up to 9 feet of water.